Break free from conditioning. Be your real true golden self.

Trained in psychomagic and metagenealogy, I examine your family’s psychological heritage to integrate limiting patterns of behavior inherited from your ancestry and the ones you unconsciously created as a child. This methodology is used to recognize all the conditioning buried deep in your unconscious mind. It’s purpose is to stop the transmission of familial patterns, consciously move out of automatic pilot and remove the blockages that are holding you back from creating and experiencing your truest and deepest desires. It’s time to stop chasing. Let go of the struggle. Keep the ideal and be the love and abundance you already are. 

Gold I AM

María Soledad is the gorgeous name I decided to keep. I AM freedom in the package of an expansive woman. Trained in Meta Genealogy, pshycomagic and evolutive tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky and his son Cristobal. Dived into my unconscious guided by their and my own wisdom hunting for conditioning, patterns and limiting beliefs that we all carry with us. Using the shadow as an ally for creating breathtaking adventures aligned with my truest self, living in an stunning mindgasm since I stopped identifying with ego’s limitation and separation and illusion. Now, fashionably emerged from the depths of my delightful darkness, I identify only with being.

Did it for me now I can serve. I AM absolute passion. My heart is my compass and ecstasy my middle name. Through lucid dream I receive/channel/remember/activate knowledge and bring it forth in all my sessions. Practice Alchemy Astrology as the map for all the treasures, All seasoned by being a Mentor in manifestation meditation working with theta (brainwave) healing to upload new beliefs and manifest from that field of infinite Possibilities.

From my pumping heart to yours

Evolutive Tarot Readings

We use the tarot as a tool for evolution. Using the archetypes of the arcana, which are imprinted and are part of the collective unconscious, to identify, trace and recognize in a cognitive level, all those hidden patterns and beliefs that are creating the reality we see. Just with the tarot, with the identification the arcana triggers, the unconscious heals into awareness, into awakening to true self. You’ll end up integrated, remembering the wholeness you are, and after seeing the riches you are about to create, ready to practice the new vibration/beliefs for freedom and pure awareness.

Theta Healing Meditation

Custom made session working with the specifics of what you need to heal, declutter, identify, and integrate in order to upload new beliefs and/or habits. I will create and channel for you the unique recipe to seal the deal! To imprint the integrated belief consciously. You will be able to practice the new without effort, it will be integrated into you as a new frequency from which you’ll be experiencing and creating your reality. Creating new neuropaths allowing to rewire your gorgeous brain.

Alchemy Astrology Chart Reading

Your Astro chart is a fingerprint. You can identify and know your features, powers and tools better with it. As any one of my practices I give you the alchemy to transmute what you feel is charcoal into gold. For you to work with or knowing the higher and lower vibration of your configurations, your unique recipe will taste better and you’ll be able to share it with more magic! Receiving from your highest potential.